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Aquatech Institute Advanced Builders Program

The Aquatech Institute Advanced Builder's Workshop 

This Advanced Builders Workshop is on going at various locations and is open to Non Aquatech members.. Contact Aquatech for dates, location and cost - (877)283-2782

Workshop seminars presented by Ron Lacher

Soil Conditions in Swimming Pool Construction

Course Description

Underlying soil problems are usually the cause of serious swimming pool structural distress. There are a number of unsuitable soil and geotechnical conditions that have the potential to cause serious structural distress to a pool structure. This presentation “Soil Conditions & Swimming Pool Construction” will introduce the audience to the most common of these soil and geologic conditions and also provide insight into how these problem soil conditions affect swimming pool structures. Various mitigation methods for each of these problem soil conditions will also be discussed

Attendees will learn

  1. Gain insight into the characteristics and components of soil & why some soil types are problematic.
  2. Learn to recognize the most common soil & geotechnical conditions that cause cracking in swimming pools.
  3. Learn how to determine the best methods to mitigate these problematic conditions.
  4. What precautions should be taken when building pools near slopes or in hillside areas.
  5. What are the Building Code geotechnical requirements that affect swimming pool construction?

Everything the Pool Builder Should Know about Gunite & Shotcrete

Course Description

Pneumatically placed concrete is one of the most important materials used in swimming pool construction. Learn the critical aspects of pneumatic placement including nozzling techniques, reinforcement encapsulation, concrete consolidation and more

Attendees will learn

  1. About both the dry mix process and the wet mix process and their differences
  2. About dry mix and wet mix materials, equipment, and methods of material delivery
  3. Correct shooting techniques and importance of proper rebar placement and encapsulation
  4. The defects and failures brought about by improper application techniques
  5. A good understanding of the “right way” trade practices that will result in quality pool structures

Design, Engineering & Construction of Vanishing Edge & Perimeter Overflow Pools

Course Description

This is a technical seminar co-presented by a unique team made up of Lew Akins of Ocean Quest Pools, one of country’s most experienced experts in vanishing edge pools and Ron Lacher, P.E.. This is a 3 ½ hour seminar followed by a ½ hour question and answer period

Attendees will learn

  1. Discover the various site conditions including level lot applications that can result in “WOW” vanishing edge & perimeter overflow pools
  2. Explore the important key elements such as line of sight, catch basin/surge tank sizing, backflow prevention, system hydraulics and other critical topics.
  3. Learn the critical principles of water in transit systems including gravity flow in piping and gutters
  4. Discover the crucial “top to bottom” construction techniques that will keep these unique water features looking exceptional rather then becoming repair nightmares
  5. Hear information not available anywhere else on avoiding the costly mistakes of building these magnificent water features

All About Tile, Coping & Masonry in Swimming Pool Construction

Course Description

This seminar co-presented by a unique team made up of John Sothern of Action Tile & Coping, one of country’s most experienced experts in all aspects of swimming pool tile & coping and Ron Lacher, P.E.

Innovative Repair Techniques for Cracked and Leaking Swimming Pools

Course Description

There are 1000s of cracked and leaking swimming pools whose owners are unable or unwilling to pay for the cost of traditional repairs. A literal gold mine awaits those contractors who are willing to apply innovative yet simple repair techniques to these 1000s of damaged pools

Attendees will learn

  1. Creative ways to eliminate poor soil conditions under the pool that have resulted in cracking & leaking
  2. About innovative pool surfaces and coatings with elastomeric properties that can span active cracks
  3. About the two main types of polyurethane foam injection as well as epoxy injection for crack repair
  4. How mud jacking and pressure grout injection can be used to correct deep seated geotechnical problems
  5. How floated swimming pools can be economically repaired and returned to service


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