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Home \ Use of Rebound in Swimming Pool Construction

Use of Rebound in Swimming Pool Construction
Friday, November 10, 2006

Rebond in Bond Beam

Rebound is the material that ricochets off the application surface during the gunite operation. Rebound is typically made up of the larger and harder particles (which tend to ricochet) and does not contain adequate cement, water or density to develop significant strength. Rebound, therefore, should not be used in any application where strength, hardness or durability is needed.

The 2006 International Building Code states in section 1913.6:

1913.6 Rebound. Any rebound or accumulated loose aggregate shall be removed from the surfaces to be covered prior to placing the initial or any succeeding layers of shotcrete. Rebound shall not be reused as aggregate.

This Section of the International Building Code basically reinforces the fact that “rebound” cannot be used as a construction material. In fact, the code does not even permit “rebound” to be used as aggregate.

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