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Published Articles

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Corporate Profile
This summary highlights Pool Engineering's services, experience and background.
By Greg Lacher
Source: Shotcrete Magazine
Publication date: Winter, 2011

Progression of Work after Shotcrete Application
Because of its role in the concrete construction industry, the American Shotcrete Association (ASA) receives many questions both technical and nontechnical, from thoese interested in the shotcrete process. How soon after shotcrete application in a swimming pool can form materials be removed? How soon after shotcrete application can tile installation be started?
By Ron Lacher, P.E.
Source: Shotcrete Magazine
Publication date: Spring, 2010

Formwork in Swimming Pool Construction
It could be said that a swimming pool shotcreted directly against the pool excavation would be considered formless. In reality, isn't the earth surface against which the shotcrete is being applied still a form? Shouldn't all the recommended practices for applying shotcrete against forms still apply?
By Ron Lacher, P.E.
Source: Shotcrete Magazine
Publication date: Summer, 2008

Rough Edges
Although far more common than they once were, pools with vanishing edges are still among the watershaping industry’s most distinctive designs. Their increased popularity, however, has been accompanied by a rash of expensive repairs and structural failures in the walls used to create the edge effects. To get to the bottom of this disturbing trend, engineer Ron Lacher has investigated the causes...
By Ron Lacher, P.E.
Source: Watershapes
Publication date: Summer, 2007

Repair Procedures for Exposed or Shallow Reinforcement
Shotcrete Magazine's second Installment of the Pool & Spa Corner. The goal of this column is to reach out to those with a stake in the pool and spa industry so that our readers can benefit from our perspectives. In this issue, Ron Lacher shares his perspective on issues that can arise in the construction of a vanishing edge-style pool.
By Ron Lacher, P.E.
Source: Shotcrete Magazine
Publication date: Summer, 2007

Shotcrete Workmanship Issues
Several months ago, I ran across a brief article in a swimming pool trade publication co-authored by two shotcrete contractors who presented what they believed to be proper wet-mix shotcrete application in swimming pool construction. In every construction trade, including swimming pool construction, it’s not uncommon for contractors to have different opinions...
By Ron Lacher, P.E.
Source: Shotcrete Magazine
Publication date: Spring, 2007

Bad Benchmarks
For years pool builders have experienced failures of steps and benches in their concrete water-shapes much too frequently. What’s been puzzling is that the majority of these failures have occurred in spa steps and benches – a mystery to which we have responded with a detailed investigation of the problem’s possible causes, and a simple, workman ship-based solution.
By Ron Lacher, P.E.
Source: Shotcrete Magazine
Publication date: Spring, 2007

General Technical Information

Corporate Profile Corporate Profile
Friday, May 18, 2012

Read our article in Shotcrete Magazine's Winter 2011 edition.

Progression of Work after Shotcrete Application
Read our article in Shotcrete Magazine's Spring 2010 edition on answers to questions about work performed after Shotcrete application.

Use of Rebound in Swimming Pool Construction
Information regarding theuse of rebound in shotcrete and gunite swimming pool construction.

Procedures for Minor Gunite or Shotcrete Repair in Swimming Pools
Information regarding correct procedures for minor repair of gunite or shotcrete swimming pools including the removal of rebound.

Phased Gunite or Shotcrete Applications
The acceptibility of gunite or shotcrete placement in phases.

Water Seepage through Shotcrete or Gunite Pool Shell
Information on the in-place permeability of gunite or shotcrete utilized for Swimming Pool Construction.

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