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Published Articles

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Ground Work
"There’s no room for guesswork when it comes to structural engineering," says Ron Lacher of Pool Engineering, Inc., and that’s especially true for concrete structures designed to contain water. Here, he opens a series on structural fundamentals related to watershapes by defining the need for precise structural planning and careful attention to workmanship – "the keys," he says, "to achieving a project’s aesthetic and functional goals."
By Ron Lacher, P.E.
Source: Watershapes

Where Concrete Meets Steel
There’s nothing more important to successful construction of custom watershapes, says structural engineer Ron Lacher, than the effective use of pneumatically applied concrete and reinforcing steel. But for all the utility and familiarity of these basic materials, he adds, many in the watershaping trades could benefit from a better understanding of their individual natures – and of how this powerful and time-tested tandem works together.
By Ron Lacher, P.E.
Source: Watershapes

When Pools Crack
It’s unfortunate, but sometimes the concrete structures of watershapes will crack or fail in some other way. Determining the exact cause of such problems is the job of an expert who knows what to look for, says civil engineer Ron Lacher, who adds that avoiding trouble involves learning from one’s own past mistakes as well as the mistakes of others – and then applying that knowledge in ways that protect future concrete structures against failure.
By Ron Lacher, P.E.
Source: Waterhapes

Rust on Rebar: Required surface condition of reinforcing steel New!
Pool Engineering, Inc. is frequently asked about the required surface condition of reinforcing steel with regards to rust. It is a common misconception that reinforcing steel must be free of rust.

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