30 Years of Helping to Build the American Dream!

Pool Engineering Inc. would like to wish all of our clients a Happy New Year. This year is a going to be special one for us as its our 30th Anniversary of providing engineering plans for swimming pools. And boy do we have some great things in store for this year. In addition to our whole industry experiencing record growth over the course of the last 18 months, your friends over here at PEI have been working on some great new features to give our clients and partners even more value.

Our New Website

To ring in our 30th Anniversary we have launched this all-new website, updated and expanded with lot of great educational materials, articles, technical information, and periodic blog posts where we can share new features, new ideas or just general ponderings with our clients.

Social Media

Yes, we are joining the 21st century and jumping on the band wagon by expanding our social media presence. As part of our website launch, we are also launching a new Facebook Group Discussion Forum called “Dive In: Engineering Advice and Networking” to give our clients and industry partners an online forum to discuss anything and everything pool related. Whether you’re in need of an industry contact, have a question for our engineers, or just want to discuss pool construction, we hope our new discussion forum will give our clients greater freedom to seek the information, and technical knowledge that they need to improve their bottom line.

In addition to our Facebook forum, we have also launched an Instagram page where we hope to share valuable informational content as well as some interesting and beautiful photos in a fun and jovial way.

New Client Portal

And of course, we’ve saved the best for last. We are proud to announce our upcoming new and improved Client Portal expected to launch by Summer 2022. Our new online client portal system will give our clients almost full access to our internal work flow. You’ll be able to submit new project for engineering, upload documentation, communicate with our engineers, follow along on project status and store all project construction documents throughout the design and permitting process. The client portal will also allow us to deliver engineering services in the most efficient and timely way possible by promoting direct collaboration between our clients and our staff as well as giving clients full digital access to our work product. As we move into an increasingly technologically driven economy, we expect this system to be the core of our business workflow for the foreseeable future and plan to build even more new tools and features to assist our staff and clients for the best possible collaborative design experience.

2022 Is promising to be a big year for the Pool Industry and we here at Pool Engineering are thankful and proud that or clients have stuck with us for over 30th years. We plan to ring in our 30th anniversary with quite a splash and we hope that all our new offerings can help each and every one of our clients improve their own business. Together we are all helping to build the American Dream.