Paul Nahasapeemapetilon

Hi, my name is Paul. I am one of the friendly technical administrative staff at Pool Engineering. I may often be one of the first people you talk to if you call our office to ask a question. I do my best to answer all of our client’s inquiries about projects, engineering technical questions, or anything related to what we do. All I ask is that if you call in to talk about a project please have the project address ready because the first question we always ask is “What is the address of the project”. I spend much of my time on the phone waiting for our clients while they shuffle papers around in their car, or search their files, or look through their phone simply trying to find the address of the very project that they were calling in to ask about. It would be great if you already had that or any other relevant information at hand when you call so we can expeditiously find your project file to answer your question. Thanks a bunch!

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