Alternate Size and Spacing of Rebar

Did you know?

When it comes to rebar placement in Pool Engineering swimming pool plans you have some options for alternate Sizes and Spacing of Reinforcing Steel

In reinforced concrete it is actually the gross cross sectional area of reinforcing steel per foot of wall that matters rather than the specific size and spacing, per se.

The cross sectional area of the various sizes of rebar used in pool construction is as follows:

#3 bar = 0.11 sq. inches
#4 bar = 0.20 sq. inches
#5 bar = 0.31 sq. inches

Alternate sizes of reinforcing may be used as long as the total area of steel provided is equal or greater than that required on the structural plan. Also, the reinforcing bars may be no closer than 2 ½ inches clear.

For example: a #3 bar and a #4 bar may be specified on the plan but 1 #5 bar is equivalent and may be substituted.

With regard to bar spacing, the most important factor is the code required 2 ½ inches minimum clear distance between parallel bars. Other than that, some variation in spacing is permitted. We prefer that the specified steel be provided at least every foot, however the bar spacing can vary within that foot.