Solar Panels

Engineering stamps for solar panel additions

Solar engineeringKnown for our quick turnaround on projects and amazing customer service, PEI has developed a comprehensive system for analyzing and designing structural connections of photovoltaic panel frames for residential structures. This analysis accounts for gravity, wind, and seismic loads due to solar panel additions.

Our system greatly improves timing, costs, and efficiency with permitting at the city or county building departments.

Our reputation stretches across the state of California (and many other states) for so many years that it has been seen daily by the building departments for the last 3 decades. This means that the cities and counties trust our name and so can you.

The procedure for requesting engineering is fast and easy. Complete the Solar Spec Sheet by filling the blanks directly from your computer, then fax it to 714-630-6114 or e-mail the form to us at

solar panels on tile roof home