Custom Engineering

Along with our library of structural details, Pool Engineering, Inc. can perform specialized structural design services for almost anything our clients can conceive.

At Pool Engineering, Inc., we have a well-qualified staff of engineers ready to perform specialized structural design for almost any backyard feature, including specialty pools, artificial rock features as well as appurtenances such as fireplaces, decks and patio covers.

custom and specialty pool design

pool with artificial rock formations

poolside fire pits

custom pool with waterfall feature

custom pool with fireplace feature

custom patio design

Our staff engineers are familiar with all state and local building codes, and can prepare full structural calculations and construction drawings to suit any possible situation that can arise.

In addition, our engineers have already seen almost every plan check correction that your building department can issue, so we design our plans to exact specification, saving you time and hassle in the plan check phase of your project.

Our construction drawings are clear, concise and easy to read, which will save you money in construction and save you time in inspection.

pool construction plan sample