Charles Volder, M.S.C.E., P.E.

Charles Volder, M.S.C.E., P.E.Hi my name is Charles, but family and friends call me Gator. I am a 3rd generation engineer and I have been with P.E.I. since 2014. My favorite part of being an engineer is solving problems and seeing my designs go from paper to standing structures. I have been in Taekwondo for 20 years and I hold a 3rd degree black belt in ATA and WTF. For 10 years I taught Taekwondo to kids as young as 4 through adult age at my local studio. My favorite part of Taekwondo is sparing and always bettering myself for the next match. On my free time I enjoy going to the river and off-roading with the family. I also drive and co drive a class 1100 (stock bug) through SNORE off-road desert racing. It is amazing how far a 50 year old stock economy car can go in the desert.